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Curing The Black Friday Blues

Curing The Black Friday Blues

By Jake Jakubuwski

Copyright, 2012. All rights reserved

Black Friday is almost here! In fact, WalMart, Target and others are trying to get a leg up on Black Friday by beginning their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day, this year.

There are all sorts of pro/con/”I don’t give a …..” blogs and articles about how to survive Black Friday, and now, I guess — How to Survive “The Day Before Black Friday.”

Unions are up in arms, employess are protesting and a large percentage of consumers seem to be panting in anticipation of the bargains they’re gonna snag on Black Friday Eve (which is really Thanksgiving Day) and Black Friday; which is a retaling nightmare that the retailers themselves have created.

If I remmber correctly from my long ago days with Sears, August through December would account for roughly 60% of a store’s annual sales. If that still holds true, retailers are using Balck Friday Eve and Black Friday to help pad their gross…by offering Real Deals on everything from auto accessories to zippers…

That’s fine by me because I have NEVER felt the need to camp outside any store in order to be able to save a zillion bucks on already outrageously overpriced merchandise…That’s just me, of course.

But after reading the following article, I had a brilliant idea. At least I think it’s brilliant — even if it’s not origirnal. This Black Friday Eve stay home with your family, enjoy a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwhich, another peice of pie and watch a faviorite rerun on TV!

Then on the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY, don’t get up unill at least an hour later then you normaly get up, have a leisurely cup, or two, of coffee and spend the day (if you don’t have to work) with your family — but STAY AWAY FROM THE STORES!

After all, you still have about 3.5 weeks to do your Christmas shopping if you haven’t done it before hand.

If enough folks did that, it would definitely take the BLACK out of the biggest shopping day of the year.

And, just in case y’all haven’t been paying attention, there’s this new-fangled concept that makes Christmas shopping a breeze…it’s called the Internet!






Saturday, November 17th, the Granville County Senior Center will hold their annual craft show from 10AM to 3PM.

The craft show will be held at the Granville County Senior Center’s NEW location at 119 Williamsboro St. (In the Hilltop Shopping Center on US 158 West). Plenty of free parking and lots of great bargains.

Vendors will be offering a wide variety of crafts. Goodies from hand-crocheted scarves and afghans, knitted hats, and decorative household items to hand-made jewelry, art work, baked goods, custom printed tee shirts and more.

There will be a drawing (raffle) for various items contributed by vendors and other supporters of the Center.

The center will be offering hot dogs, coffee, tea and soft drinks for sale to vendors and shoppers alike.

The craft show will be inside. So … come rain, or come shine, y’all come and shop in comfort. Come to shop, come to browse but please come and support the Granville County Senior Citizen’s Center.

For more information, call the Granville County Senior Center, Monday through Friday (8;00 am to 5:00pm) at 919-693-1930