If you’ve ever read anything that I have written, you probably know that I am not shy about telling you what I think about products that I have used, believe in and KNOW that they are money makers!

GKL’s Snap-in Bridges are among those products! If you’ve ever taken a lock out of an aluminum stile door and found out that the threads in the back of the stile were stripped and you needed to jury rig a way to support the lock, you know what I’m talking about!

In this 16:44 minute video I show you, using a clear plastic stile, just how quickly you can solve the problem using GKL’s Snap-in Bridge. They are easy, fast and permanent! For just $9.99 you can download this informative video to your computer and start a whole new way of making money!


Pivots can make you money! Pivots are profitable. In a majority of instances when you’re called to service a lock on an aluminum stile (Storefront door) there’s nothing wrong with the lock! The most common door “problem” on aluminum stile doors is the pivots.

They are worn, wracked, twisted or bent and need replacement! And, as you will find out in this 18-minute video they’re simple, easy and fast to replace! You can do it with the tools you already have and you don’t need any special skills. If you ever put a butt hinge on a door, or a hinge on a cabinet, you CAN service and install pivot hinges.

In this 18-minute video, I show you how to remove and install top pivots, intermediate pivots and bottom pivots! You can download this profitable video for just $9.99! It’s downloadable at the speed of your computer. Do it now!


Replacing a concealed floor closer can be a drawn-out, dirty and frustrating job that can take a lot of time and a lot of effort. It can be a job that is frustrating enough to keep many locksmiths from even considering it.

But in this 12:125 video I will show you how to install a pivot deactivator from NDC, install a surface mounted closer in about an hour — all without having to remove the old closer from the floor! Just leave it where it is and get the door back in operating condition in an hour, or less!

Pivot deactivators are your ticket to a bigger paycheck. With NDC’s line of pivot deactivators you no longer have to leave money laying on the sidewalk because you think “fixing” these closer is too complicated, or too hard. Get this video and find out how you can make more money every week! This video is downloadable directly to your hard drive, laptop, kindle or other device for just,

$9.99! Get yours today!


Ever wonder what made ASSA so special and how it’s rekeyed? In this 15-minite video, Pete Gamble takes you through an ASSA rekey, step-by-step.

You might be surprised at just how easy ASSA is to rekey as long as you have the proper pins, side bars and tools. Check it out here in this FREE, PURE JAKE VIDEO! You read it right! The video is free of charge.


In 2011 ILCO jumped into the storefront hardware business with both feet. This video (Duration 8:25) details the installation of ILCO’s 129-90 panic exit device.

As you will see from this video the 129-90 (rim mount device) foes on easy, looks good and can be a solid money-maker for you. You can download this video directly to your desk-top, laptop, Kindle or other device for just,


Here’s a better idea regarding space utilization in a service vehicle. This 11 minute and 37 second video shows Mark Jones’ VW JETTA that he converted to a FUL SERVICE locksmith van. This Betta Jetta has key machines, an inverter, key and lock storage and ALL the tools you might need in your service vehicle. See how Mark did it! You can download this video at no charge.