Jake Jakubuwski Presents: How to Quickly Deactivate Concealed Floor Checks or Overhead Concealed Closers.

Here’s aluminum stile, wood, or hollow metal door service with a capital “P” for profit. If you were to replace a concealed floor check for a customer it could easily run a thousand dollars, or more.

In this 51-page eBook, I show you how to deactivate the pivot, install a service mounted closer and have the customer back in service in about an hour for a total cost of about $500.00! Your cost of materials is under two hundred bucks.

Like my other books, I’ve packed a lot of task specific editorial and over 120 photographs and illustrations to not only tell you how it’s done but to show you how easily you can do it.

This is another book that allows you to win friends and influence customers with your abilities as a problem solver when you say: “I can fix that!” In an eBook format, instantly downloadable to your computer this profit booster is just...


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“How To Sell Successfully At the Flea Market This Weekend”

This eBook is written with one goal in mind — to help you make the most money from your flea market selling experience.

“How To Sell Successfully At the Flea Market This Weekend” is not warmed over nonsense about flea market selling but a distillation of my personal flea market selling experiences that spans over a quarter of a century. This is an eBook that will help you earn extra money during good economic times and bad.

You owe it to yourself to read this book today so you can learn for yourself "How To Sell Successfully At the Flea Market This Weekend!"

This book would be an invaluable resource for any flea market seller at $39.00! But as an eBook, that is downloadable directly to your computer, I’m going to let you have it for only $9.99!

Really! For less then ten bucks, I will show you, based on my own experiences as a flea market vendor, how you can turn clutter into cash. This weekend and every weekend you want to work at being you own boss!

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I will also include over $50 worth of bonus eBooks that will help you to get the very most from "How To Sell Successfully At the Flea Market This Weekend" — absolutely FREE!

Bonus #1 is my Prospecting Guide that shows you how to get folks coming to your booth. This ebooklet has been successfully used by people just like you to develop a steady clientele for over 40 years!

Bonus #2 is my personal Flea Market Atlas that lists THOUSANDS of flea markets throughout the United States! This eBook alone is worth its weight in money-making opportunities!

In other words, for less then ten bucks, delivered to your hard drive at the speed of your computer — you can find THE eBOOK PACKAGE that will show you, just as it has shown others, how to start your own PROFITABLE business by turning clutter into cash!


The Ten Most Common Business Mistakes

This book will save the new locksmith (or the more experienced locksmith) a lot of foundering around trying to get their business firing on all cylinders by showing them how to quit wasting time on the little stuff and how to quit wasting time and worrying about the size of their yellow page add and what the competition is charging for the same job. .

Here again, I have taken pages from my own experience and a lot of what others have taught me and put it all into a 38 page primer that will have you laughing at one point and growling at another as I follow my usual format of wit, wisdom and plain ol’ common sense to help you chart your course through start up, day-to-day operations, and the decision making that may be critical to your businesses health, well-being and continued success.

If you read and enjoyed “How To Jump Start Your Locksmith Business” … you need this book as well. If you didn’t read “Jumpstart”, you just gotta read this book.! It might very well be the most important “How-To” business book you’ve ever bought; and the best money that you’ve ever invested in your business.


How to Jump Start Your Locksmith Business

Anyone who's ever read anything by Jake Jakubuwski is familiar with his style...A little bit of humor, a little bit of 'down home' wisdom and a whole lot of chutzpah.

How to Jump Start Your Locksmith Business or, Ten Ways to Increase Your Shekel Intake is just as witty, wry and pointed as everything else he has written.

From the first chapter, "Take This Job And...to Chapter ten: "A Profit Without Accounting, Ain't!" Jake covers everything from the decision to leave your regular job, to gettin' started and using the 'big boys' (Chapter 4: Consortin' With The Enemy) to increase your shekel intake.

There's a chapter on marketing, one on making your sales sizzle, and another on how to call your shots, one on how to lock in bidness and much more.

There's something in this book for the newbie, the seasoned 'smith and the person who is dreaming of the day when they can go out on their own.

How To Jump Start Your Locksmith Business is vintage Jake. His advice on making money, building your business and customer relations is timeless.


Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair

Make money NOW servicing and repairing aluminum stile doors!

Aluminum stile doors are found in most all storefronts on strip-malls and
other businesses.

Whether you’re a locksmith, door service tech, handy-man, or maintenance person looking for solutions to door service problems — or you’re looking for a new and highly profitable service business;  Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair is the book that can help you do it!

In this book, Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair, I have taken the mystery, the fear and the confusion out of aluminum stile door service, repair, replacement and refurbishment.

I have outlined easy ways to replace a pivot, a lock or a concealed vertical rod.I show how to diagnose, repair, adjust or replace an overhead concealed closer or a Rixson floor check.

In this book, you can:

  •   Learn the difference between a “stile” and a “style”.

  •   Learn how to replace a surface mounted closer or deactivate a pivot with equal ease.

  •   Learn how to adjust a malfunctioning Jackson Concealed Vertical Rod.

  •   Learn how to “take down a
      and replace it with a new one.

  •   Replace a frame.

  •   Add a mullion.

  •   Install a magnetic lock.

  •   Install electronic access control.

In 423 pages, with 758 photographs and illustrations, I show you how to make some really swinging profits — or save serious money — by installing hinges, butts, closers, floor checks, over head concealed closers, panic hardware, locks, latches, dust-proof strikes, new doors, frames and electronic access control.

Photograph-after-photograph, illustration-after-illustration and chapter-after-chapter makes the Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair book,the book, any locksmith, door tech, handyman, facilities manager, maintenance personnel, service or repair business owner should have.

Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair will open an entirely new income stream for many locksmiths. Like all of my “How-to” books, Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair is geared to helping the locksmith, door tech and self-employed repair person vigorously “shake the shekel tree”.

Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair is the first book of its kind on the market!

Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair is fresh, flip, funny, fast and full of fabulous information designed to make you, or save you, money. Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair and the tools you already have on your truck are all you need to start making money — right now — servicing aluminum stile doors!

Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair in print format ORIGINALLY sold for $199.00! Distributors bought it for $99.00. Now you can purchase a fully unabridged version of Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair in an eBook format for ONLY $9.99!

I’m going to make the deal even better...

Order the Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair ebook for $9.99 and recieve two (2) more of my booklets at no additional charge!

Bonus #1 - Be A Hawk For Security

This booklet shows you the easiest way to electrify an aluminum stile door.
Value: $9.99

Bonus #2 - GKL’s Snap-in Bridges

This booklet will show you how to “fix” one of the most common aluminum stile problems — stripped mounting bracket threads!
Value: $9.99


You get all three in one file!

 Aluminum Stile Door Service and Repair
 Be A Hawk for Security
 GKL’s Snap-in Bridges