Ever wonder what made ASSA so special and how it’s rekeyed? In this 15-minite video, Pete Gamble takes you through an ASSA rekey, step-by-step.

You might be surprised at just how easy ASSA is to rekey as long as you have the proper pins, side bars and tools. Check it out here in this FREE, PURE JAKE VIDEO! You read it right! The video is free of charge.


Here’s a better idea regarding space utilization in a service vehicle. This 11 minute and 37 second video shows Mark Jones’ VW JETTA that he converted to a FUL SERVICE locksmith van. This Betta Jetta has key machines, an inverter, key and lock storage and ALL the tools you might need in your service vehicle. See how Mark did it! You can download this video at no charge.


This 3:31 long ANNIMATION is brought to you by Steve Goldstein , of Hinge Doctor fame. It shows you how slick and neat his new Snap-in Bridges work to make one of you aluminum stile door problems go away.

This animation is copyrighted by Steve Goldstein of GKL products and is available to you as a courtesy video from PURE JAKE BOOKS & VIDEOS and GKL Products.


Here’s a FREE video about tools that I like and think that you will like too! There’s nothing like having the right tool for the job to make your days go easier. This instantly downloadable video is 9 minutes and eleven seconds long and covers just a few of my personal favorites.

Here’s your chance to download a video directly to your computer’s hard drive and see some of the goodies that I like. No tricks, no gimmicks, no gimme’s or gotcha’s! Just click on the button and get this video on your computer right now! It’s hard to beat


This PDF version of a PowerPoint is basic, brash and PURE JAKE all the way. Jake's says that we have to keep learning new stuff everyday or we're liable to forget the basics. This PowerPoint is great for the newbie, good for the seasoned locksmith and a great way to recall some of what you may have forgotten. Jake also throws in a little lock history, lore and a whole lot of Jake.

This eBook is FREE and is ready to be downloaded to your computer NOW!


The T-CORE from Fuller Brothers

If you’re into Interchangeable (A-2 format) Core sales, service and repair; here’s a FREEBIE for you! This video shows you a neat little product from Fuller Brothers Lock: — The “T-Core”.

This six-plus minute video shows you what the T-Core is (A thumb turn for I/C housings), how it works and where you can get it. The video is also viewable on my Facebook page. Just click on the link and learn about another great moneymaking product that you can use to increase your bottom line: The T-CORE from Fuller Brothers.

Time: 4:0 Minutes